"Guess I’ll pick you up on Friday, Stilinski" (x)

Teen Wolf Au: Stiles has been avoiding Derek Hale’s advances since before they got paired together for their history project. Derek is everything Stiles is (totally) not interested in; cocky, popular, a jock. Stiles thinks he’ll make it through the whole project unscathed, until a dinner with his dad somehow ends with Derek taking Stiles to the winter formal.


Stalia?    Draeden?     Sterek!  

Modern Royalty!Sterek AU: Things start getting back to normal after the Hunters War in which the werewolves fought alongside the humans against Gerard Argent’s tyranny. To prove that both species can live in peace two of the most influential Californian families - The Hales (werewolves) and The Stilinskis (humans) - decide to arrange a marriage between their children. Derek Hale and Stanisław (just call me “Stiles”) Stilinski seem like a perfect match. The first is a knight, the other runs an orphanage and the public simply adores them, even more now that they’re about to get married and act all lovey-dovey whenever they go. But when the lights dim down and there’s nobody around to witness it, the truth comes out: these two hate each other.
Well, it just makes sex that much better.

teamsciles vs jackasskanima
gif set: au


There is another new guy in town the glade.


I made the gif set, when the maze runner trailer came out. Found it again today and throught: why don’t share it with you guys <3


Sterek Week || Sunday: Anything you want

Stiles & Derek + worrying about their families


i think found my new favorite gif


Oh boys


The scene that made Arthur slowly realise that maybe his idiot manservant was still in there.